Poetry Art Walk

Poetry art walk- a geocached art project that was available in Santa Fe from July-September 2017. It was installed on a walking trail at Santa Fe Skies RV Park. Each piece consisted of a golden cage, a hand painted egg, and a scroll of suminagashi and poetry. Each piece led to the next, and reflected the landscape of northern New Mexico.

shell of the cosmos
cracks with light
yolk of suns

follow the trail
with your dog, taking a stroll
with your heart on a leash

a deathless ogre in the fairytale
stores a soul in a needle
in a nest in a tree

locked in an iron chest
buried beneath a green juniper
in the Chihuahuan desert

it’s dangerous
to hide all of your spirit
outside of yourself

and yet this land
compels all of those
who walk it.

We were pleased to reach a casual audience in this way, and people enjoyed finding the pieces. In terms of our development working with land art, we were pleased that the cages and eggs held up quite well in the annual monsoon and tickled to see that passers-by attempted to relocate the sculpture safely after a big rain. The installation ended up being quite interactive. Another installation—The Fairy Houses—is planned for this site in 2020.

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