New Show at Grey Matter Float Spa

These big suminagashi pieces by Isabel Winson-Sagan look like they’ve always graced the walls by the sensory deprivation float tanks. But they are actually only up this month—and are for sale.

Come by and take a look:

Grey Matter Float Spa in Santa Fe
539 Harkle Rd suite a
Noon to 6 pm most days

She and Miriam Sagan also have 4 pieces of book art up in the reception area—a screen, a box of drawers, a small book called “What Am I Hiding?” and our boxed piece Souvenir that premiered at Gerald Peters last year.

Can you find the primordial water goddess Tiamat? She is certainly there, in several guises.

a screen sculpture and suminagashi print in a black frame, light green and pink with blue accents, in the corner of grey matter float spa. a pink orchid sits on the desk.
A corner of grey matter float spa, one large framed piece of suminagashi is orange and red with black accents. The other sits over two book arts sculptures, and is a grey and black framed piece.

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