Scratch- or Tiamat, Caught in the Net

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SCRATCH- or Timat, Caught in the Net, Book Art Sculpture, by Maternal Mitochondria, 2020


A little box of drawers invites investigation. This mass produced piece was altered, hammered, and scratched. MADE IN CHINA was erased and the title TIAMAT stamped instead. Tiamat is the primordial Near Eastern goddess of creation, of where fresh meets salt water. The chest of drawers now houses other confluences. It is home to a series of sonograms, predicting the birth of a new baby. In the womb, child meets mother on every biochemical level imaginable. The box is also a book. Poetry text adorns it, giving it labels and meaning that may change as drawers open and close. At first we thought it held secrets. Now we ask you, the viewer, to look closer.

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