Sumi, sumi, and more sumi

We had a blast today at Suminagashi in the Park! Thanks to everyone who came out. Stay tuned for the soft opening of the installation on September 8th, which will be up for a month. If you want to make sure not to miss any more workshops and sumi-related events, comment on this post and let us know you would like to subscribe to the e-mail list. There is also another workshop on Tuesday, as part of an art opening for “Water Sound: Suminagashi at Zephyr,” but that will be only Isabel, no Miriam. But there will be snacks!

Drying marbled paper on a bench tabletop, striking yellow piece with black eyes

A white man with a beard and sleeveless shirt moves the drying paper from the bench to the clothesline

Colors left in a tray after pulling sumi, a dark rainbow

A park bench tabletop completely covered in drying marbled paper

Blue, black, and white suminagashi drying on a clothesline, twisting in the wind

Drying marbled paper on a park picnic table top, with paper drying on a clothesline in the background

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